Flylogs Safety Management System SMS

With Flylog’s electronic Safety Management System, you can now obtain valuable insights into where and how incidents occur and use this information to proactively improve the safety of your operations.

flylogs safety events reporting system SMS

Safety First, now easy to implement.

Flylogs SMS is integrated, your pilots can create a safety report from any flight.

Safety First is a must, no questions.

Flylog’s simple safety report template makes it quick and easy for your staff to report a safety event, including anonymous safety reports. Flylogs automatically categories events into 3 categories and fills out all information about the flight and aircraft involved. Safety managers and PICs can save time as they collaborate on the report from anywhere.

create a safety report from any flight

Complete statistics for a better experience

We all love charts, Safety Managers specially. Automatic Safety events charts...

create aircraft and add maintenance information

Success cases

These are some of our customers who have improved their efficiency and data management process thanks to Flylogs.

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