New Flight management functions added

Published 2 weeks, 1 day ago — News

Flylogs has now a new set of options to allow you view, filter and find flights easy and rapidly.

We have included a Spreadsheet export option that allows you to download a XLS file and open your flights in any Microsoft Excel or compatible software.

We have also improved the form to add new flights, which now will show you the amount of IFR flight time being calculated by the system and allowing you to change it, if need it.

Your pilots or students, can now prepare a Flight.

Preparing a flight allows you to create a flight draft that later can be re-opened again, add the flight time, edit what needed or upload more documents.

This way, all required information for the flight can be uploaded into the system before the flight. This is useful to store documents like Weight and Balance or Flight plans before the flight.

The Flight Draft option also allows the pilot to pre-record departure and landing airports as well as the aircraft being used.

When landed, the only thing to do left, is open the web in the smartphone or computer, and enter the takeoff and landing times.

We believe this new features are key for some organizations on their way to modernize their flight data storage. If your organization has different needs, contact us and we may be able to help you integrating new key features into Flylogs.

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