Take full control over pilot flight time limits

Published on 1/1/22 — News

Keeping track of pilot duty times, and limiting their flight time is a critical task for any general aviation chief pilot.

Thanks to Flylogs, this task is not going to be a headache anymore when inspection time comes!


Flylogs helps you comply with your country's regulations by preventing you from scheduling a flight longer than what is permitted or alerting you if the rest periods are not met as specified.
The system also gives you an overview of past flight times for different periods: day, week, 14 days, 28 days, 90 days and 365 days.

As soon as you create your company account, go to Company -> Settings, and in the right hand column you will find the pilot duty and flight time configuration box.

You can set the time limitations according to the regulations of your country, and you can choose wether the system should block overtimed future schedules.

pilot flight and duty time limit system