Flight Billing is Now Easier Than Ever

Published on 10/11/20 — News

Billing flights is a time consuming task prone to errors. Accountants often have to double check flight times and hourly rates in several systems: in your flight operations management software or, if you don't have one, in Excel spreadsheets or even on paper and, at the same time, they have to copy this information into an accounting system and issue invoices.

When tracking manually which flights have been billed to the customers and which ones are pending payment, it is so easy to forget or miss a flight or the associated payment. And what does this mean for your business? Billing errors can lead to lose in income, additional man hours and unhappy customers.

At Flylogs, we are determined to help our customers simplify aviation business management processes and making them more transparent and reliable. 

Flylogs Flight Billing displays all company flights and their billing status. Bill each flight and check the payment status on a single page.

Set the hourly rate of each of your aircraft in the Aircraft section. To bill a flight, go to Flights --> Billing and click on the flight record. Flylogs will automatically calculate the fare based on the aircraft renting price. Additionally, you can adjust the price for each pilot or customer.

Once a flight is billed, the information is automatically available on the pilot's profile. The pilot will also receive a notification of the new bill and can go to his or her profile to check his pending payments.

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