New audit tools

Published on 25/3/21 — News

Improve your flight data awareness and give your pilots the tools they need. Flylogs has 2 new tools to help you streamlining your internal processes:


Pilot audit tool

This tool allows you to quickly view all pilots and check the following details really quickly:

  • Pilot type
  • Supervisor FI (Schools)
  • Last flight date
  • All flight licences and certificates along with expiration dates
  • Training courses
  • Flight times



Flight audit tool


The flight audit tool, as its name suggests, allows you to quickly identify the flight time submitted into your Flylogs account.
Unlike the logbooks, which filter by flight crew and flight date, the audit tool allows you to find information by user that created it and date of creation.

It also allows you to filter by:

  • flight type,
  • base,
  • aircraft
  • flight date
  • crew




Flight types and flight rules are nicely plot in charts to view all summaries really quickly!
















The output is a list of flight hours by crew and aircraft, a summary of the flight time and a complete list of all filtered flights.