New company settings available

Published on 4/10/20 — News

You can now personalize your Flylogs settings to suit your company needs.

Check out the new Company Settings page.

1 - Hobbs meter option

If your planes are equipped with a decimal time counting device, you can enable the HOBBS meter option. Enabling this option will display 2 new fields for each flight: time indication on engine start and on engine turn off. These entries must match the time entries entered for off-blocks and on-blocks times.

2 - Comments and File upload management

By default users can comment on a number of records and upload files into Flylogs. However in some instances, you may want to disable these options. Choose on which records you will allow users to comments and file uploads and then click on "Save Settings". Flylogs will show or hide the corresponding fields as per your selection. Existing comments and files won't be deleted but simply hidden.

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