New management user groups available

Published on 6/1/21 — News

In an effort to help our clients and improve security, Flylogs has enhanced the company staff groups, adding new groups and editing the existing ones to be more limited and allow the company managers a better management of their company access permissions.

Flylogs allows you to create the following company management groups:

Operationally, we have the following groups:

In general terms, all profiles have access to the Company Document Vault, as well as the Safety Management System (SMS) to see their own reports.
Company administrators, operations, safety, and human resource managers have privileged access to the Company Document Vault and  access to the Newsletters tool, which allows to send company wide emails. 

Aircraft Pilots Flights Trainings Schedules
FI (limited) (limited) (limited)
PL (limited) (limited) (limited)
SP (limited) (limited)  (limited)
All users have certain access the the flights view, but FI, Pilots and students can only view their own flights.  You can customize in your company settings who can create new flights.

Company Administrator

The company administrator, as its name suggests, is the root user. When you sign up at Flylogs, this is the initial account type you get.
This account is meant for user creation and Flylogs subscription management.
Remember that this account has access to all data and functions in your company, so it should not have a weak password neither should this be stored in any computer.

Operations Manager

The operations manager profile is a power user profile that can view and manage all company operations and assets.
The only limitation this user has are 2: 
  • This user can not create other company administrators.
  • This user can not view or manage the company Flylogs subscription status and payments.

Safety Manager

The safety manager has a more specific profile. This user can view all pilots, aircraft and flights, no editing capabilities. 
When it comes to the Safety Management system, the safety manager will receive a notification and an email to his inbox notifying the new report. The safety manager has access to all safety reports, statistics and charts.

Human Resources Manager

The human resource manage can manage all company staff and pilots. This profile can view flights and flight schedule but has no edit capabilities.
It also has a basic access to the Trainings system to check course progress and student reports.

Financial Manager

Financial managers can view almost every aspect of the operation without edit capabilities. The financial manager can view and create flight payments as well as pilot expenses.
The financial manager has also a special capability to view, edit and modify the company Flylogs subscription.

Roster Manager

The roster manager can view and edit flight schedule. It can also view pilot schedule availability. 
Creating flight schedules, the Roster manager can choose wether to request confirmation to the pilots or not. If the pilots have email address, this requirement could trigger an email notification to the pilot(s) selected for the flight.
This profile has a view only access to pilots, flights and aircraft. It can not create or modify flights.

Flight Dispatcher

This special profile has the only purpose of entering flight data of any plane and pilot.
This user can view basic aircraft information and schedules. From past schedules flights can be created and flight information uploaded.

Chief pilot

The chief pilot can view all pilots and aircraft.
The chief pilot also has the special power of seeing all company flights and the option to edit any flight even after being confirmed.
The chief pilot also has access to all Safety reports in the SMS.


Flight instructors have a limited access to aircraft, pilots and flights. They can only view their flights and student pilot profiles. 
Once in a student profile, FIs can view past flights, comments and training progress of the student.
In the flights menu, FIs can only view their own flights.
Flight instructors can access the schedules to view their own flights and publish their time availability for the Roster Manager.


These are pilots maybe working for you or just buying flying hours. They only have access to their own profile information, flights and trainings.
They can also view their own Safety reports if any and documents shared with them.
In the schedule, they have the same access as FIs to view their flights and publish their time availability for the Roster Manager.

Student pilot

The student pilot profile has the same functions as the Pilot profile.
The only difference, is that Student pilots can have an FI assigned and they need to Sign the debriefing information after each flight.
In the schedule, they have the same access a licensed pilot to view their flights and publish their time availability for the Roster Manager.


This special profile, has a special access to view all flights and aircraft. They can enter new aircraft information and maintenance windows.
This profile has the option to disable an aircraft and stop from flying. When an aircraft is disabled, the same as pilot deactivation, disables the aircraft option to be selected for flight schedules and any flight entries.

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