Introducing the Flight Time Budget Management

Published on 16/10/20 — News

How do you keep track of how many flight hours your customers or students have paid and how many they have used up so far? 

Flylogs is introducing the Flight Time Budget management feature.

This new tool can be activated in your company settings page. Simply tick the boxes next to the types of pilots for whom you want to track purchased and used flight hours. This may be especially useful for flight clubs, where private pilots purchase individual flight hours and for flying schools that need to track student spend. 

Click on 'Save Settings' and navigate to a pilot profile, which has this functionality activated. You will see a new Flight Time budget panel:

To start counting expensed flight time, you first need to give some flight time credit to the pilot. To do that, click on the Add/Remove Credit button and then add the desired flight time credit.

Save the operation and watch as all flight time will be subtracted from the pilot's current balance!

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