The ultimate flight log book

Your private pilot profile on the Internet

Online flight time management

Store all your flight experience online, secure, easy to save and easy to understand with awesome graphics and statistics.

Social enabled flight tool

Share experience and knowledge with online friends and people flying the same aircraft you do.

Flight media storage and sharing

Store all your flight photos with your current flight plan, route and flight time data. All together in one place and automatic Facebook sharing option.

Follow aircraft, view its flights and talk about with other pilots...

All users share the same aircraft, so any user, can see, comment and enjoy other pilots' flights on the same aircraft.

Easy to use & easier to understand

Better understanding of own flight time can save you a lot of time.

Visual Data

View key details in a very visual way such as the flight path, distance and alternate airports.
Talk about the flight or the aircraft with other pilots.

SSL Secure Socket connection

You may use our APP any where and from any devide. As it is a Cloud service, your data is available world wide just using a secure socket connection to our servers.

Secure sign up

Aircraft management

You may add as many aircraft as you desire.
As many other pilots may be flying some of your aircraft, you will be able to see other pilots flights and comments relating the same aircraft registration.

We Flying

Do not hexitate and contact as for any suggestion for the APP.

Send us an e-mail and we will appreciate any help!

Thanks to Pierre for the video.

Flylogs – online flight time log book


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