Flylogs Flight Information Management

Flylogs helps you manage all your flight data in order to properly employ and control aircraft, pilots and duty times.

Flylogs is the complete tool

All the required tools, reminders, templates and reports in one place, integrating aircraft management and operations.
Flylogs covers the entire workflow and supplies a multifunctional platform for day-to-day aviation activities.

flylogs dashboard is an easy to use powerful tool

Flight Records and Statistics

Save your flights digitally into Flylogs from your computer, cell phone or tablet.

Easy and instant access to all your flights.

Flylogs stores your flight information for ever at no cost. All your flight history, in a single place, safe and easy to access.

Filter flights by pilot, aircraft, flight rules, location, client or type of operation. You can also export the results to Excel.

add flights easily from any computer or mobile

Fast and efficient flight form

Adding flights into your Flylogs account only takes a couple of minutes and can be done by your pilots from any PC, mac, tablet or smart phone.

All important flight data is saved and instantly available for company administrators.

Total flight times are automatically calculated and added to pilot and aircraft logbooks. View all flights by location or client.

Flight Documentation attached to each flight

Upload all flight related documents for each flight. Upload your weight and balance, flight route planning or any other file for the flight and keep everything organized!

Pay only for the storage you use; 1 euro per GB per month. And you can delete files any time to save space in the future.
First 1 GB is free.

attach documents to each flight
flight statistics

Beautiful flight statistics

All the flight time statistics you need and some others that will show you more detail about your operation.

Automatic flight time charts for the whole company! Also per pilot, aircraft, base or client.
All flight times automatically calculated instantly and error free!

Complete Pilot Management

Manage your pilots, their licences, courses, rosters and flight times at Flylogs!

Limitless Pilot Agenda

You can search or filter pilots by name, base or pilot group.
Results are easy to navigate and you can always download a XLS spreadsheet to view it in Excel.

All Flylogs accounts have unlimited pilot data storage capacity. You dont have to worry if your company size grows, or if you dont want to delete inactive pilots.

picture3 Complete Pilot Profile

Each pilot profile displays all relevant information. Flights, Medical and licence expiration dates and flight time experience.
From the pilot profile page you can also send a direct private messages to the pilot.

picture3 Don't miss a renewal date ever again!

You or your pilots can enter their medical check and licence expiration dates, including document photo or PDF upload.

Flylogs will send automatic renewal alerts on the internal messaging system and by email.
Initially these messages will be addressed to the pilot, and if no action is taken, before expiration, the company manager will also be notified.

Complete aircraft operation administration

Easy aircraft creation, flight tracking, maintenance history and even pilot comments on a single place...

create aircraft and add maintenance information

Organize Different Locations or Customers with Bases

If your company operates from multiple locations, Flylogs allows you to organize resources by location and publish announcements and events to the base staff members.


Organize locations and customers.

We have created the easiest way of managing a complex organization with several operational locations.

Create your Base in just 5 minutes. Manage aircraft, pilots, mechanics, events and flight schedules for each base.

You can manage your customers by creating Bases with the name of the customers. That way, you can assign pilots, aircraft and operations and keep everything organized.

Tons of features to modernize your company

Paperwork is essential to keep track of operations, lets just do it more efficiently!

feature1 Flight Data management the easy way!

Get all the important flight time information at one click.
Pilot profile, duty time, licence and documentation expiration dates, flight time sumary and limits automatically displayed and notified via email if needed.

feature2 Improved data analysis, with filters and trend analysis

Aircraft complete flight and maintenance history in a single place, no need to get up from your desk to grab a logbook.
Automatic trends and analytics powered by machine learning.

Free 12 month trial. No contracts, no credit card. Simple.

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