Terms and conditions

1. Who is affected by these terms and conditions?

This contract primarily applies to the organization purchasing Flylogs, outlining the service conditions, responsibilities, and service guarantee for all end users with a valid account to log into FLYLOGS ®.

To create a company manager or user account, individuals must accept these legal terms. Failure to fully read, understand, and accept these terms means you are not entitled to use FLYLOGS ® services, constituting a lack of contract between both parties.

FLYLOGS ® classifies three distinct users with varying responsibilities:

  • ORGANIZATION: The company in whose name the account is created; must be an aviation industry company.
  • MANAGERS: Users managing the account on behalf of the ORGANIZATION.
  • USERS: All other accounts not employed by the ORGANIZATION; managed directly by the ORGANIZATION, with no validation by FLYLOGS ®.

Both ORGANIZATION & MANAGERS will be collectively referred to as CLIENT moving forward.

Any CLIENT or USER account may be blocked from accessing FLYLOGS ® at any time if any of the Terms and Conditions are not met.

2. What is FLYLOGS ®

FLYLOGS OÜ. is an online software sold as a service to aviation companies that provides and online Aviation Operations Management Software designed to streamline operations in Flying Clubs, Pilot Schools as well as other General and Corporate aviation organizations.

FLYLOGS ® is a registered® trademark and its usage is protected by EU laws

FLYLOGS ® provides a SaaS to store aviation data which is designed for use as a secondary data storage and analysis tool.

Address: FLYLOGS OÜ. Pärnu mnt 139e/2, 11317 Tallinn, ESTONIA.

3. Who may create a Flylogs company account?

Any individual employed in an organization within the aviation industry is eligible to create a FLYLOGS ® account on behalf of the organization.

All new company accounts must be established using a professional email address affiliated with the organization. The MANAGER creating the account must obtain direct approval from the ORGANIZATION before creating the FLYLOGS ® account.

For FLYLOGS ®, it is crucial to prevent misrepresentation of organizations. Therefore, FLYLOGS ® reserves the right to suspend any CLIENT if identity verification and account affiliation with the organization cannot be confirmed. We will automatically suspend any account created using email addresses from public providers such as Gmail or Hotmail unless it validates at least one user with a corporate domain related to the company name used.

4. Operating Countries

FLYLOGS ® is globally available with a few exceptions.

We do not provide service in the following countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, Central African Republic, China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Russia, Somalia, and Syria.

Countries with limited access for existing accounts include: Burma, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, South Sudan, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

A comprehensive list of countries, organizations, and individuals prohibited from using FLYLOGS ® can be found on the US Treasury Department website and the UK's list of sanctions.

5. Where is data stored?

FLYLOGS ® stores and operates all data in servers located in the EU and Canada. EASA regulated CLIENT data, is stored exclusively in Europe.
FLYLOGS ® does not share servers or storage space with any other company. All data uploaded to FLYLOGS ® is kept isolated and can not be read, modified or deleted by any third party.

The CLIENT should always keep the original data records and documents to comply with local regulatory requirements.

6. Data safety?

Flylogs OU serves as a data storage and analysis tool for flight data uploaded by the CLIENT. We explicitly state that Flylogs OU neither sells nor utilizes this data in any manner, nor do we certify its authenticity.

Databases undergo backup every 4 hours, with redundancy across private storage locations worldwide. These locations are hosted by Oracle Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Flylogs OU in Frankfurt DE, Ireland IE, Paris FR, and Barcelona ES.

Uploaded files are backed up every 24 hours to various private S3 storage locations, hosted by Amazon AWS and Flylogs OU in Frankfurt DE, Ireland IE, and Barcelona ES.

Server backups, implemented by Flylogs OU as a system-wide safety measure, are designed to ensure Flylogs OU's business Service Continuity. These backups are inaccessible, unalterable, and irreversible by any CLIENT or third party.

The CLIENT may submit a data restore request to Flylogs OU. Such requests will be assessed and priced by our professional services team. FLYLOGS ® commits to providing a comprehensive analysis of recoverable data, estimated timeline, and associated costs. Only upon the client's acceptance of the contract and payment processing will our professional services team proceed with the necessary steps to restore the available CLIENT data.

Additionally, the CLIENT retains the option to download Excel XLS backup files containing all pilots, flight, aircraft, training, SMS, and billing data from Flylogs at any time, and at no cost, providing an additional backup method.

7. Responsibility

FLYLOGS ® ensures the security of your data against server failures, outages, and system-wide hack attempts.

FLYLOGS ® will not be held responsible for any data loss or unavailability occurring on individual CLIENT accounts. Such incidents are attributed to improper or unauthorized account usage.
FLYLOGS ® should not be solely relied upon for storing critical flight data. The CLIENT is responsible for securing its individual accounts, conducting audits of company users, and maintaining backups of necessary data for operational and regulatory compliance.

FLYLOGS ® does not provide a guarantee or accept responsibility for any data unavailability the CLIENT may experience while attempting to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Connectivity. As Internet connections depend on various factors, FLYLOGS ® does not guarantee continuous service availability. Our system is designed to meet a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.0% uptime. FLYLOGS ® will not provide compensation for any downtime experienced by the CLIENT.

ADSB. Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADSB) data is automatically sourced from a third party, and FLYLOGS ® does not guarantee its availability or accuracy. ADSB is an optional feature and should not be considered part of the paid service. FLYLOGS will not compensate the CLIENT for any ADSB data unavailability.

8. Service continuity

Over the past decade, Flylogs ® has proudly operated online, offering continuous support to our valued customers. As part of our commitment to providing uninterrupted service and ensuring our customers' peace of mind, we've diligently formulated a comprehensive emergency plan. This plan is designed to safeguard the continuity of our operations for an additional five years in the unlikely event of business closure.

In the unlikely event the company stops its operations, Flylogs OU has set aside a backup amount of funds to ensure that our service continues uninterrupted for a period of a period between 3-5 years. This period can not be more detailed because it depends on cloud resource usage, cloud provider pricing and inflation.

This is important for Flylogs OU's clients as it gives you enough time to migrate your data to another service provider and comply with any regulatory requirements. This "safety stop of operations period", provides the CLIENT with ample time to make the necessary arrangements and find a new service provider to avoid any disruptions to its business operations. It's essential to clarify that this emergency plan is a proactive measure taken by FLYLOGS solely to fortify our commitment to our customers' data safety and satisfaction. It in no way reflects any intention to cease our operations; rather, it stands as a testament to our dedication to longevity and growth.

9. Account types


Flylogs Free is a free-of-charge account for aviation companies, with basic services and document storage space limited to 1GB. The usage of services and storage is controlled automatically.
By default all new accounts are set up as Flylogs Free accounts after the initial PREMIUM services demo period. Upgrade to Flylogs Premium account is automatically performed upon client payment or request.


Flylogs Premium and Flylogs Club, are annual subscription services offering the following additional tools and services:

  • Multiple Bases
  • Flight Schedules
  • Online Theory and Flight Training System
  • Safety Management System
  • Limited aircraft ADSB tracking data
  • 100GB of document storage (Unlimited)
  • 50GB of document storage (Premium)
  • 10GB of document storage (Club)
  • Service contract

Flylogs Premium pricing can be found on our website. In case the client exceeds the assigned storage space, additional storage charges will be applied at 10EURO per additional 10GB block per month.


Flylogs Unlimited is an annual subscription service offering all services included in Premium with increased quota and usage limits. This subscription is priced on demand depending on the intended volume of use. Flylogs Unlimited also offers direct access to the FLYLOGS API for a better integration.

Flylogs can change or adjust the offered features in any of the pricing plans at any time without prior notice. Flylogs will not modify the subscription price to any client without previous notification and proper reason.

10. Pricing and extra charges

FLYLOGS ® pricing available publicly in our pricing page.

If a client does not renew the CLUB, PREMIUM or UNLIMITED subscription before its expiration date, the account will be downgraded automatically to the FREE version and no database data will be erased for the first 12 months. 10GB exceeding attached file storage usage may be erased just after 90 days, this file storage includes all uploaded content like PDF, images and other documents, including training and flight documents.

11. Software

FLYLOGS ® grants to the CLIENT a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive right to access and use the Software and Software documentation for Customer's internal business purposes. FLYLOGS ® will host and retain physical control over the Software and make the Software available through the Internet for access, use and operation by the CLIENT through a web-browser.
No provision under this Agreement shall obligate FLYLOGS ® to deliver or otherwise make available any copies of computer programs or code from the Software to the CLIENT, whether in object code or source code form.

12. Force majeure

FLYLOGS ® shall not be held responsible for any delay or failure in performance hereunder caused in whole or in part by fire, flood, wind, storm, lightening, or similar act of nature, acts of sabotage, terrorism, riot or civil unrest, internet outages, or mandatory compliance with any governmental act, regulation or request ("Force Majeure Events"). If a Force Majeure Event occurs and disrupts the services to be provided under this Agreement, the Agreement shall be deemed extended by the length of the Force Majeure Event.

13. Trademark

FLYLOGS ® is a registered® trademark.
You may reproduce, and display the Flylogs trademark or logo if you mention www.flylogs.com and place a relevant link to the site. Mentions to the site, should be ethically correct and based public information available on any our websites hosted in the domain flylogs.com.
Any other use must be approved in a written format by the trademark holder. Third party use of the trademark does not imply affiliation or endorsement by them.

By using FLYLOGS ® and uploading your company logo, you accept and consent to FLYLOGS ® to use the CLIENT logo to show case in the customers area of our service home page.

14. Modifications

FLYLOGS ® may revise these terms os service at any time without notice. By using FLYLOGS ® you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these terms of service VERSION PUBLISHED ON 12-JAN-2024.

15. Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of EU and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Barcelona, Spain.