Keep document versions organized and centralized

Store your flight documents online. Control different versions, limit access and track downloads.

flylogs dashboard is an easy to use powerful tool

Enterprise level, unlimited cloud document storage

Control who can edit any file, and who can see it. View file version downloads for each user.

Your complex operational manuals under control.

Easy visualization of all file versions, upload date and editor user.

Flylogs also stores download records, so you can know who download which version of the file, and when.

add flights easily from any computer or mobile

Powerful user permission control

Control which user groups have access to each one of your files.

Just select the desired groups, and the file only will be displayed to the selected groups within your company.

You can always change this permissions and give temporary access to other groups or users.

Optional comments for rapid communication

Feedback and good communication in aviation is crucial. That is why, the comments systems is also available and enabled by default for all your files.

Comment system is easy to enable or disable from your company settings page.

attach documents to each flight

Success cases

These are some of our customers who have improved their efficiency and data management process thanks to Flylogs.

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