The best flight tracking software for flying clubs

Keep track of all your aircrtaft, flight times, club members and payments, easily with Flylogs.

Schedule flights while controlling aircraft flight time and maintenance.

Easy view of flight time and one-click billing solution.

Online schedule, and aircraft availability calendar

Do not allow the lack of time to run into oversights.
Flylogs keeps track of maintenance times, and all due dates, both for aircraft maintenance, as well as pilot currency checks and medical certificate expiration dates.

One-click billing solution
Avoid billing errors by configuring aircraft rent price in Flylogs. One click is enough to create the billing record.
Configure special rates for the pilots you need.
Download billing reports in Excel


Create unlimited aircraft, pilots and flights.

Streamline your operations making data management easy and fast.

Sing up now! Create accounts for your staff; From CEO, SM... all the way to pilots and TMAs.
Everybody will be informed of the relevant information regarding everything; aircraft, maintenance, rosters, documentation, and more!

You may even create different Bases to keep aircraft, pilots and operations organized by location.

EASA format logbooks
Extract flight logbooks in a click to crosscheck data with books.
Create flight time reports in a minute.
Download Logbooks on Excel Spreadsheet

attach documents to each flight

E-learning and training management

Both, ground school subject management and flight mission progress tracker included.

Flylogs is designed for pilot e-learning.
Unlike Moodle, Flylogs has specific tools for ATOs to create subjects, classrooms and online multimedia. Keep track of class attendance, exam results and flight training progress.

Online flight schedule and confirmation tool

Easy to use flight schedule for all your aircraft. Your pilots can receive instant email notifications and confirm the flight if needed.

Track schedule cancellations and aircraft maintenance windows directly from the schedule tool.

flight scheduling tool

Flight Billing

Flylogs Flight Billing displays all company flights and their billing status. Bill each flight and check the payment status on a single page.

Set the hourly rate of each of your aircraft in the Aircraft section.
Flylogs automatically calculates the fare based on the aircraft renting price. Additionally, you can adjust the price for each pilot or customer.

Once a flight is billed, the information is automatically available on the pilot's profile. The pilot will also receive a notification of the new bill and can go to his or her profile to check his pending payments.

Company level Email Newsletter

Send email newsletters to all students, all Flight Instructors or only the users you select.

Flylogs will also send automatic notifications about expiration dates and other important events.

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