Choose the plan that fits you

Different pricing plans for different user types. 12 month for free!

Pay anually First year FREE!
Up to 30 pilots
2 bases
10 aircraft
Unlimited flights
1.00 GB document vault
2 mechanics
Flight Safety Management System
100 pilots
10 bases
20 aircraft
Unlimited flights
10.00 GB document vault
10 mechanics
Flight Safety Management System
500 pilots
50 bases
100 aircraft
Unlimited flights
100.00 GB document vault
50 mechanics
Flight Safety Management System

Need aditional space for documents?

You can always increase your Document Vault Storage capacity!

Simple pricing: 1GB / 1€ / month

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a card to signup?

No, you can sign up free and only provide your billing details when you renew your subscription after the free trial.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes you can. There are no contracts or hidden expenses. The pricing is clear and the features are growing. If anything does not work for you let us know first, maybe we can fix it for your needs.

Can I share my account?

You can share your account with anyone within your company. In your management area, you can create multiple accounts for other managers, directors or regular employees.

Is my company information secure?

Yes it is. Flylogs takes your privacy very seriously. Your data is sent and kept encrypted in our databases. We do not partner with any other company regarding data sharing purposes.

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