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Flylogs is a Flight Operations Management Software designed to streamline operations in Flying Clubs, Pilot Schools as well as other General and Corporate aviation organizations.

Easy aircraft schedule and flight time management!

Flylogs is designed to improve your flight operations awareness so you may take better decisions.

Flight Schedule Planner

Flight Schedule Planner

Flight scheduling and confirmation tool.
Check your pilot's availability, send confirmation requests and reschedule as needed.

Detailed Flight Log with quick search per pilot, aircraft or type of operation

Pilot and Aircraft log books

Flight data storage for your crew, aircraft and all required documentation. Annual, month and daily flight time summaries. Crew duty and flight time alerts.

Theory Knowledge System

Online Training Management

Onsite and Distance learning training program management. Create courses from our templates, upload your content and keep track of student progress, assistance and exams.

Multiple flight operation Bases

Multiple flight operation Bases

Operate from multiple locations and for different clients and keep track of crews, aircraft and maintenance records as a single location.

Document storage and version control

Document storage and version control

Manage all documents related to flight operations and track different versions. Assign permissions to specific users and keep a record of who has seen each document.

Safety Management System

Safety Management System

Make safety an integral part of your organization. Encourage staff to easily report safety events to your appointed Safety Manager.

Free Aviation Management software with premium features.

Create your aviation company account today and start your Flylogs Premium trial for 90 days.

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Flights
5 Aircraft
Company documents
500 Emails monthly *
5.00 GB included storage **

Flylogs stores your data encrypted in private servers, performing 3 daily backups.

Premium accounts are billed annually. We also offer paid support plans and migration services, learn more here.

Aviation management made easy!

Save time being more efficient. Give the best tool to your employees and a better service to your clients.

Dashboard and flight alerts
Flight Schedule tool
Flight logbook for pilots and aircraft

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