Aircraft and Pilot
Management Made Easy!

Flylogs is an Aviation Operations Management Software designed to streamline operations in Flying Clubs, Pilot Schools as well as other General and Corporate aviation organizations.

Easy pilot and aircraft schedule and time management

Flylogs is designed to improve your flight operations understanding so you may take better decisions.

Pilot Roster Management

Easy and fast pilot scheduling and communication. Keep track of pilot flight times, license expiration dates.

Detailed Flight Log with quick search

Let your pilots log flights directly into the system. Then, quick search any flight by date, plane, pilot, location or flight rules. Export data into Excel and PDF.

Aircraft Maintenance Tracking

Keep on top of the maintenance of your aircraft. Immediate feedback from pilots and TMAs helps you better plan future maintenance and aircraft scheduling.

Multiple flight operation locations

If your company operates from multiple locations, Flylogs allows you to organize resources by location and publish announcements and events to staff.

Flight Reporting and Dashboards

Visualize automatically generated flight time statistics, aircraft and pilot activity charts. Gain new insights into your operations and take better decissions.

Safety Management System

Make safety an integral part of your oraganization. Encourage staff to easily report safety events to your appointed Safety Manager.

Flight Data management the easy way!

Get all the important flight time information at one click.
Pilot profile, duty time, licence and documentation expiration dates, flight time sumary and limits automatically displayed and notified via email if needed.


Aviation Company Management made easy!

Manage your company in an efficient way dividing pilots and aircraft by location.

An easy way to manage your organization.
All functions fast to find and easy to use, including options to export all your data to Excel Spreadsheets for fast review.


Improved data analysis, with filters and trend analysis

Aircraft complete flight and maintenance history in a single place, no need to get up from your desk to grab a logbook.
Automatic trends and analytics powered by machine learning.


Free trial. No contract. Cancel when you want.

All plans include a 12-month free trial.

10 pilots
2 bases
2 aircraft
Unlimited flights
Flight Safety Management System Included
290 /year
300 pilots
50 bases
100 aircraft
Unlimited flights
Flight Safety Management System Included

Aviation management software made easy!

Free 12 month trial. No contracts, no credit card. Simple.

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