The best online flight log book app for pilots.


Enjoy more your flight time with Flylogs

Flylogs is a complete flight time management and analyzing online tool

An easy to use and understand flight log book

You will not need to worry about filling and summing your flight time in your paper log book.

With Flylogs, things are easy:

  1. Select your aircraft and date of flight
  2. Set the flight rules and enter the flight plan if any
  3. Enter additional data as remarks or WX conditions
  4. Finally save your flight and upload the pictures if any!

Safe storage for your flight data and media files

You can login to Flylogs any where in the world without any security concerns. All the connections are encrypted using last SSL secure socket connections.

Flylogs will not save any of your passwords or payment information as plain text, all encrypted data can only be decrypted by you with your own password.

Share your flights, videos and pictures with other pilots, friends and family

Saving your pictures in Flylogs has some advantages vs. saving them on your computer or Facebook for example:

  1. Find a flight by its pictures
  2. Find pictures for a given aircraft
  3. View albums by flight rules, callsign or company
  4. Easy share media with other pilots flying the same aircraft

Better understand your flight time and learn from it

View complete reports of your flight time, analyze your expertise to take better decisions on your next flights or event career opportunities.

With our charts, you will know exactly how much time you have flown for each flight rules and on each aircraft.

As your career climbs, Flylogs grows with you.

All plans include the same functionalities but performance improves with better plans.

$ 0 /month
Student Pilot
Up to 1000 flight hours
20 aircraft database
3 pictures per flight
NO video upload
$ 99 /year
Gold Wings
Unlimited flight time
Unlimited aircraft database
Unlimited pictures
Unlimited video upload
creditcard World wide pilots

Flylogs has been developed by pilots from all over the world meeting all FAA and EASA regulations for flight time logging.

dev Developed to be easy

All our user experience has been developed focused on security and easy to use, even from a tablet or a mobile device.

globe Email notifications

We will email you a complete email of all your flights and activity by the end of each month.

support Forums, FAQ and email support

If you have any problem with your account, check our FAQ or email our staff for help any time from Mon to Sat.

mail Flylogs ID

Login to Flylogs using Facebook or Google+ Login. Creating your Flylogs ID is fast and free for life

locked Secure data management

As pilots, security is our first concern. Flylogs always uses valid encrypted connections and high standard cyphers to store data.

Soon Available in the App Store

Our APP will be ready soon as the BETA period ends.
With the iOS APP, you will be able to check your profile, create new flights and upload pictures and videos to them.

download on app-store

Need an easy way to log your flight time?

Flylogs is perfect for novice pilots and expert aviators.

Awesome mobile app

You can log your flight time from your cell phone and upload the pictures of your flight just after shutdown checklist.

Easy to use

Just sign up and start creating your profile. Log your flights filling a FPL like form. Easy, no ratings required.

Geo Location enabled

Easy location and privacy management. Log on your location and see other pilots or aircraft location around the world.

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