About Flylogs

Flylogs is the leading online flight log book for pilots, flight schools and aircraft owners.

Web application

Analyse your flight time to the last minute! Enjoy our brand new flight statistics with charts, spreadsheets and custom PDF reports.


Based on the cloud, your log book never was so secure and easy to update, any time, any where world wide just with an Internet connection.



Secure, easy to use and mobile friendly as never before!

Cloud Based

Your log book on the cloud, secure and with you any where! You won't loose it or you will not need to correct any data with an eraser.

Lightning Fast

Our cloud based infrastructure is performance and security focused, just like your flights! Create a new flight within 30 seconds, export it to PDF in 5.

Your Aircraft

Your account has now a new improved aircraft book, your aircraft, with your photos and some additional info about who else flies them.

Airport database

Our app is the best one because its data! our database contains near 7000 airports world wide and you can always submit a new one with its coordinates and a nice picture of it.

Visual data

Our main goal is to provide pilots with a visual, easy to understand tool, so all data is always shown in nice charts.

Flight photos

It is always easier and very nice to remember a flight with a moment, attach pictures for your aircraft and flights.

Flylogs – online flight time log book


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