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Fuel and oil usage tracking

Published 3 weeks, 6 days ago

We are glad to introduce the new fuel and oil tracking option for aircraft.

In your aircraft settings, you can now find the settings for Fuel and Oil usage tracking. These settings allow you to choose the most suitable unit for tracking your aircraft fluid usage.

Configure your aircraft fuel and oil units


Once the proper units have been set for each aircraft, a new fuel and oil input box will appear in the flight edit form upon...

Upload PDF files to your docs and limit their downloads

Published on 18/5/22

Among our last improvements following your feedback, now when you upload any document to your company documents library, you can choose wether you want to allow document download or not.

This feature for now, only works with PDF documents and can be enabled individually from the edit page of any of your existing or new documents.

Improved News system

Published on 23/4/22

Today we bring in the requested improvements to the company News system.

The system now allows you to create news and select which user groups can see them. Even select a different base in case you want to publish different notifications for different operation locations.

Also you have the option to request for read receipt signature.

The email delivery request has also been improved to...

Enable automatic flight billing

Published on 22/3/22

At Flylogs we strive to get what our customers really need, specially things to improve their flight data management efficientcy. 
One of our most used tools to improve efficiency, and also customer engagement, is the Flight Billing System

Flylogs Flight Billing System, allows you to create bills directly from your existings flights in a single click. Just by selecting the flight you want...

Take full control over pilot flight time limits

Published on 1/1/22

Keeping track of pilot duty times, and limiting their flight time is a critical task for any general aviation chief pilot.

Thanks to Flylogs, this task is not going to be a headache anymore when inspection time comes!


Flylogs helps you comply with your country's regulations by preventing you from scheduling a flight longer than what is permitted or alerting you if the rest...

Enhanced Safety Report Management System

Published on 19/12/21

Good news for our safety managers: We have enhanced the Safety Management System based on your feedback!

Flylogs SMS, is an integrated Safety Management System based on the ICAO recommendations fully compliant with the ICAO Doc 9859.


Create a Safety Report

  • Operations Managers and Certified Flight Instructors may create a safety report from the SMS module.
  • Licensed Pilots and Students...

New training progress management

Published on 5/10/21

At Flylogs, we believe information should be accesible and easy to understand. In an effort to continue delivering world class flight data management software, we have completely rebuilt the students index page in Flylogs Trainings.


The new Students page in Trainings, displays all your students filtered by training, along with the progress in the course, attendance records and last flight...

Pilot Documentation Control System

Published on 16/6/21

We are glad to announce the new Pilot Documentation Control System (PDCS), which can be enabled today in any Flylogs account from the Company Settings page.

The PDCS allows you to have a better control of pilot documentation and expiration dates.

This new function also adds a safety barrier that will prevent pilots with expired or missing license or medical certificates from:

  • publishing...

Annual audits tool

Published on 1/6/21

A new tool is now available for all company managers and pilots that allows them to view yearly flight times per month.

The tool allows you to review flown flight time, or created flight time per pilot / aircraft / month.

We have included this new tool under Flights -> Audit and it is called Annual Totals.

Just choose the desired year and base to filter and review data.

Pilots and flights...

New audit tools

Published on 25/3/21

Improve your flight data awareness and give your pilots the tools they need. Flylogs has 2 new tools to help you streamlining your internal processes:


Pilot audit tool

This tool allows you to quickly view all pilots and check the following details really quickly:

  • Pilot type
  • Supervisor FI (Schools)
  • Last flight date
  • All flight licences and certificates along with expiration...


What is Flylogs?
Flylogs is an Aviation Operations Management Software designed to streamline operations in Flying Clubs, Pilot Schools as well as other General and Corporate aviation organizations.

Who is Flylogs designed for?
Flylogs is designed for any small and medium size aircraft operator that needs a better way to manage and arrange flight operations, flight human resources, and other company assets like bases, aircraft, documentation and safety reports.

How can I start using Flylogs?
You can create a free account for your business and start using it now, free of charge. Just go to the Sign Up page.

Is Flylogs Approved by FAA or EASA?
Flylogs has been developed with FAA and EASA guidelines in mind. Flylogs will help you develop the documentation and procedures. However, keep in mind that it is the operator's responsability to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Where is my data stored?
Flylogs is a cloud based software solution. All data is stored in a public cloud hosted in Europe.
However, we also offer a private cloud solution to better fit your needs. For more information, contact us.