Improvements to our User-Friendly Self-Scheduling Feature for Aviation Clubs and Schools

Published on 27/10/23 — News

Flylogs has introduced a set of improvements to the self-scheduling feature for clubs and small flight schools. This set of new features streamlines the scheduling process while providing control over who can book flights and under what conditions.

Setting the Stage

Administrators can set company-wide scheduling rules, defining cancellation windows and PIC/SIC confirmation requirements. Night-time reservations and billing credit limits can also be customized, along with maximum reservations per day and slot time limits.

Aircraft Configuration

Self-scheduling can be enabled for each aircraft, with the ability to specify which pilots can book flights. The "Qualified Pilots List" allows for customization, ensuring only authorized individuals can schedule flights.

Pilot-Friendly Booking

Pilots can easily schedule flights from their dashboard, selecting time slots on an intuitive calendar. The system prompts a booking confirmation window, tailored to the pilot's profile, and offers a seamless booking process.

Streamlined Confirmation

Upon booking, the system notifies the designated PIC for confirmation. Once confirmed, the booking remains unchangeable, ensuring a smooth scheduling experience for all.

Flylogs' self-scheduling feature revolutionizes aviation management for clubs and schools, simplifying operations and enhancing the pilot experience. This innovation reflects Flylogs' dedication to delivering user-centric solutions to the aviation community.

Read the full documentation in our FCOM article: