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Enhancements in Flight Management

Published on 27/9/20

Based on client feedback, we have improved the flight creation and edit form to avoid mistakes and unwanted edits!

The form will no longer save information automatically as you enter data. Instead, it will require you to press the Save button. Once your data is saved, a confirmation will be displayed.

After that, you can either view the flight information or continue editing.

As you and your...

Filter and export safety data in Flylogs SMS

Published on 23/9/20

Explore the new dropdown filters in Flylogs Safety Management System.

You can filter your safety reports by status, aircraft involved, type of flight and report severity. Export the filtered data into an Excel Spreadsheet to include it in a presentation or share it within your organization. 

Create your free account today and try it for yourself or contact us to schedule a live demonstration of...

Introducing new pilot & student homepage

Published on 14/9/20

We continue improving Flylogs based on your feedback and the latest improvement is a new pilot and student homepage.

After logging in, all pilots and students will now see My Alerts and My Trainings.

With My Alerts, each pilot and student will see any upcoming expiry dates of his or her certificates at a glance and easily keep track of the validity of their pilot licence, medical certificate,...

Introducing Safety Management in Flylogs

Published on 7/9/20

A new Safety Management System (SMS) is now available in Flylogs Premium. With Flylog’s electronic Safety Management System, you can now obtain valuable insights into where and how incidents occur and use this information to proactively improve the safety of your operations. 

Flylog’s simple safety report template makes it quick and easy for your staff to report a safety event, including...


What is Flylogs?
Flylogs is an Aviation Operations Management Software designed to streamline operations in Flying Clubs, Pilot Schools as well as other General and Corporate aviation organizations.

Who is Flylogs designed for?
Flylogs is designed for any small and medium size aircraft operator that needs a better way to manage and arrange flight operations, flight human resources, and other company assets like bases, aircraft, documentation and safety reports.

How can I start using Flylogs?
You can create a free account for your business and start using it now, free of charge. Just go to the Sign Up page.

Is Flylogs Approved by FAA or EASA?
Flylogs has been developed with FAA and EASA guidelines in mind. Flylogs will help you develop the documentation and procedures. However, keep in mind that it is the operator's responsability to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Where is my data stored?
Flylogs is a cloud based software solution. All data is stored in a private cloud hosted at OVH servers in Europe.
However, we also offer a self hosted version in your own servers. For more information, contact us.

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