Flylogs launches software solutions for small and medium sized aviation operators

Published on 28/1/21 — News

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Pilots are more than just employees

Tracking pilot data and keeping their paperwork up to date is crucial for managers at small aviation operators, flight schools, flying clubs, SPOs etc. This is why Flylogs aviation operations management software allows managers to keep track of pilots’ current ratings, assign them to a specific base, view their flight log and much more! 

Operate at multiple locations

For aviation operators that operate at multiple locations, we have added a Base Management functionality. Base Management will help you organise your assets per their physical location. You can assign pilots,  mechanics and aircraft to a specific Base and reassign their location as needed. What’s the advantage? Obtain detailed reports on the number of flights, flight hours, maintenance and events happening at each of your Bases.

What will come next?

We are currently working on adding charts and graphs to the manager dashboard. You will be able to view at a glance the total amount of flight hours per month. In addition, we will soon be adding productivity and flight time analysis reports and dashboards.

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