Easy roster management for pilots

Published on 13/10/20 — News

Letting your manager know when you are available to fly via texts and emails can lead to confusions and misunderstandings. Plus it is definitely not making it easy for managers to prep next week's schedule.

In Flylogs, pilots can indicate their availability in a just few seconds on the My availability Calendar. As your manager prepares the flight schedule for the upcoming week, Flylogs automatically crosschecks the availability of each pilot.

As a pilot you have a clear view of all upcoming flights that are scheduled, pending confirmation and cancelled. You can take actions as required: accept or reject a proposed flight and start preparing the pre-flight documentation for a scheduled flight.

PIC and SIC names are colour coded depending on the confirmation status, where yellow indicates Pending Confirmation, green Confirmed and red Cancelled or Rejected.

To avoid overlaps between ground school and flights, this intuitive calendar view displays all flights and theoretical classes.

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